New heart Surgery Techniques in abroad

лечение за рубежомNew Lasik surgery is So much better than previously and promises a larger selection of correction alternatives, better vision following the operation and less complications and dangers. In the future this means that more people can eliminate their contact lenses and glasses and will have the ability to experience the benefits of laser vision correction. The current Lasik Procedures can fix problems of nearsightedness, far sightedness and astigmatisms, but have never been able to handle issues with the depth and shape of the retina or severe vision issues and issues with night vision as a result of risky complications. The side effects of the present Lasik procedures include painful dry eyes, halos and painful bursts of light and blurry vision.

New Lasik procedures will make it possible for an eye surgeon to scan the eye to ascertain the depth and shape of the cornea more correctly before actually shooting a laser. This will provide laser eye surgeons a far better first evaluation of the issue that has to be corrected, will help them determine better treatment options and will help avoid unnecessary complications associated with Lasik surgey.Clinical trials of the New лечение за рубежом procedures have shown patients returning to near perfect levels of vision within a month of getting the eye operation. They could see more clearly and in more detail much earlier after their Lasik surgery was finished. In the past Lasik patients would need to wait up to 6 weeks for their vision to be entirely restored to normal. This is a massive jump in healing time and is a fantastic advantage to those people contemplating Lasik operation.

With new Lasik Procedures the eye surgeon starts by taking a picture of the patient’s cornea with Lasik imaging program. This is then run through recognition software to create a map of the men eye, showing the depth and shape of the eye in terrific detail. All these eye maps allow Lasik surgeons to create far more precise adjustments and to plan in advance for potential complications from Lasik surgery. With the new Lasik Operation techniques the eye surgeon may keep the natural shape of the cornea, remove less tissue and may even fix night vision issues. New Lasik techniques leave the patient more comfortable because the laser bursts are much shorter, typically just 20 minutes, compared with the 60 second bursts that are required today. Less damaging, less painful and quicker recovery are all advantages of new Lasik surgery methods.